New Audiences

Increase ticket sales and reduce marketing costs

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Increase Ticket Sales

Increase ticket sales by promoting your show directly to new audiences who will be interested in your events. Use lists of households in your catchment area, previously unknown to you, that have the highest chance of booking tickets, to reduce your marketing spend and increase return on investment.

Find people who will be interested in your work

Purple Seven analysis shows that 40% of audiences for a show are new to the venue. New Audiences delivers actionable lists of new customers who have the highest probability of wanting to book.

Reach new audiences

Purple Seven has access to every household address in the country and uses its nationwide database of 300 million ticket bookings to uncover which households have the greatest likelihood to book for particular types of events. Find those households that are not currently on your Box Office to power your audience acquisition.



Of audiences are new to a venue



You will receive:

  • A PDF map of your core, primary and secondary catchment areas

  • An Excel list of the postcode sectors in each catchment area with the estimated audience size

  • A List of the households that have the highest likelihood of booking for your event, who haven't already purchased a ticket, including full postal address

* Please note all prices are exclusive of UK VAT.
Minimum order of 5000 addresses


£100 + £75

per 1,000 addresses

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