Demographic Profiler

Discover precise demographics of your audience

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See your audience before they walk through the door

Ever wanted to know the age profile of your audience? Report on the ethnic diversity of your bookers to funders? Need to discover whether your audiences have a disability or children at home? Demographic Profiler puts the facts at your fingertips.

Powered by hard data

Demographic Profiler is powered by the largest ever survey of UK theatregoers, with half a million responses. Harness the power of this remarkable database to discover who your audience really is, so you can talk about them with authority.

Understand who is buying your tickets

With tickets on sale months ahead of opening night, it can be difficult to know who is buying your tickets. Demographic Profiler puts facts at your fingertips so you'll know the age, gender, ethnicity and family status of audiences from the first week of ticket sales.

Monitor the success of marketing campaigns

Discover whether your show is reaching your target audience and continuously refine campaigns for maximum impact. With email reports delivered weekly, you’ll keep marketing on track with powerful analytics.




Choose from a 'Per Event' or an 'Annual Licence' Price.

Annual pricing is determined by the following:

You will receive:

  • A detailed report showing the key demographic trends in your audience

  • Metrics include:

    • Age band
    • Gender
    • Ethnicity
    • Disability Status
    • Children at Home
See an example report here

* Please note all prices are exclusive of UK VAT.

Per Event


Annual Licence

199 Seats


per month

499 Seats


per month

999 Seats


per month

1,000+ Seats


per month
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