Purple Seven’s VS: Touring solution integrates with all the box office systems that the RSNO visit. This offers complete independence from the venue’s and enables them to view thier entire audience across all the venues they visit. This is extreamly valuable to any touring organisation wanting to report on customer and sales data, giving consistency of reporting that would otherwise not be possible.

Sam Stone at RSNO explains the benefits:


VS: Touring has revolutionised how we think about and communicate with our audiences. It makes our marketing messages ever more relevant and saves us money every time we enact a marketing campaign. We now feel informed, enabled responsive and ultimately in control in ways which would have been impossible without access to VS: Touring.

RSNO explains how they can use VS:Touring and Balanced Database to ensure their marketing is intelligent and targeted.


We use the powerful querying abilities of VS: Touring to make selections for our marketing activities and can also hone-in on first-timers or quickly identify lapsing customers and provide them with timely offers to encourage them to return. Tracking these campaigns is easy and we have instant access to results letting us know how effective our communication has been and how much money a particular activity has generated.


The practical benefits of the Balanced Database are greatly increased response rates from direct mail, tangible savings in the cost of printing and postage direct mail campaigns and a vastly enhanced ROI on these campaigns.  Our Board were astonished when they saw the ROIs we immediately began to see once we started using the Balanced Database.