Richmond Theatre’s aim was to drive sustainable, predictable and long-term ticket revenues by identifying core segments within the box office database, and Purple Seven provided the solution to deliver against this.

The outcomes so far have been astonishing as Lucy Macmillan, Marketing Manager at Richmond Theatre explains:


As a result we have cut our brochure data by 15,000 and decreased the numbers of direct mail that we send out, which resulted in £30,000 worth of savings in the 2010/2011 financial year and tripled return on investment on our seasonal brochures.

Reducing wasted marketing spend has been one result of the process, but this is coupled with increased revenues, Lucy explains;


…for example, the Spring 2011 brochure generated £87,295 more revenue than the Spring 2010 brochure and increased return on investment by £5.99 [per £1 spent]

A key priority of implementing this solution was to streamline the whole process, giving staff more time to concentrate on growth strategies and adopting new technologies.


We worked closely with Purple Seven to develop new bespoke reports, that we could pull a range of detailed and targeted information very quickly.  There is great amount of time pressure in Marketing and the speed of this process was extremely beneficial.  It meant that we could build campaigns around the data that would previously take us hours to analyse.