Colston Hall has been bringing music to Bristolians for over 140 years. With something different on each night there is a diverse audience attracted, creating an issue to record customer satisfaction in a quick, easy and actionable way. Following a trial of using more traditional surveying methods, Colston Hall opted to implement the 'Did You Enjoy That?' automatic survey. The aim was to target key performances within their programme to drive improvement to their customer relationship strategy. Head of Marketing, Sarah Robertson explains;


The outcomes of using 'Did You Enjoy That?' so far have been invaluable. Never before have we been able to measure customer satisfaction in such a way that can be used extensively across the organisation. We have already used the results in our recent branding review and have been able to really understand what is important to our customers.

Reducing the time and energy spent on undertaking the research leaves more time to take action on the results; a key differentiator to other methods.


Working with Purple Seven has meant that we can compare our behavioural ticketing data with the results from the survey. 'Did You Enjoy That?’ has become an extension of our day-to-day marketing activity. It has taken away the previous stress of collecting customer feedback and we now have insight that we can share with promoters and touring productions to help strengthen these relationships.