Growing Audiences With Data: Case Study

The New Wimbledon Theatre carefully selected Purple Seven as their strategic data partner to drive £10,000 worth of sales from new customers, capture greater market share and increase repeat visits.

“Purple Seven has transformed our marketing. We now understand who our audience is and are using data to sell more tickets to every performance”

Kevin Quilty, Senior Sales and Marketing Manager


The team at the New Wimbledon Theatre had extra capacity available in their 1,700 seat auditorium and believed there could be greater market demand. With the West End only 30 minutes away and several other theatres in the area, they knew that they had to find their niche amongst a crowded market. Purple Seven identified that 63% of their audience had visited another theatre within a year, and that the venue could make an additional £500,000 at the Box Office by attracting 10% of their existing customers to re-visit.

Purple Seven began by understanding the unique position of the New Wimbledon Theatre, and drew up a three month action plan where a consultant would work alongside the team to produce an activation campaign, to find audiences on Facebook and pinpoint long-term growth opportunities.

Activation Campaign

An activation campaign was created to bring new audiences to the venue for a spring season of musicals. Purple Seven was able to identify new households with a high propensity to attend theatre who had never attended the venue. Utilising Purple Seven’s holistic understanding of all theatre bookings, they produced detailed maps of the streets which would have the greatest return on investment.


The pilot campaign was delivered. The marketing team sent out their brochure using their standard distributor at a cost of £1,000, which usually netted £3,000 of sales. By implementing Purple Seven's recommendations, the theatre achieved £10,000 of ticket sales from customers who had never previously visited, for £1,000 spend.

Knowing there was an opportunity to grow their Comedy audience amongst young people, a joint campaign was initiated to find young comedy audiences through social media. Purple Seven analysed the existing comedy audience in Wimbledon, and gave the team specific recommendations of who to target their campaigns towards on social media. The marketing team implemented this into the strategy, and watched their events completely sell out over two days. Events which previously only reached niche audiences were sold-out almost overnight.

Strategically, Purple Seven worked closely with the General Manager and Senior Management at the venue to understand their position in the market and pinpoint long-term opportunities for growth. By analysing customers’ bookings at other theatres, Purple Seven could demonstrate that there was market demand for plays, which the venue didn’t already programme, and an thus opportunity to increase advance bookings. The venue is now empowered to act on these data-driven insights, and is programming plays for the first time in years, as well as embarking on a programme to increase advance sales. Only Purple Seven has knowledge of the real-time market trends and demand, which gave this venue the edge in reaching new audiences and finding untapped opportunities.

“Purple Seven's strength is its real-time knowledge of the whole theatre market. We have been able to better position our offering because we understand what our customers are looking for every week and can react accordingly.”

Neil Chandler, General Manager

The result of the partnership is that the team are upskilled in using data to enhance marketing campaigns, that the whole organisation has a clear understanding of who their current and target audience is, and that they are seeing measurable increases on their attendance and revenue at every performance.

At the end of the twelve week project, Wimbledon had achieved several sold out events, generated £10,000 in ticket sales from one campaign, and have begun a year round engagement with Purple Seven to enhance audience loyalty.

Key Takeaways

  • £10,000 ticket sales from new customers
  • Upskilled marketing team
  • Sold-out performances
  • Understanding of the current audience and prospective market
  • Utilise social channels to effectively attract a younger audience
  • Identification of long-term growth opportunities