Audience Journeys

Build a loyal audience by understanding why
customers return to your venue

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Be empowered with our actionable toolkit

Audience Journeys audits your ticketing data to understand how your customers engage over time. It also comes with tools to help you see how your audiences change on an ongoing basis. The outputs help you to action the results of the audit.

Audience Journeys can even use genre codes and our survey data as key metrics in better understanding what encouraged a first timer to re-attend.

Reach the Right Customer at the Right Time

Audience Journeys is based on recency and frequency and segments are updated daily in your ticketing system. Track the audience journey of a first timer to an active re-attender every day so you can maximise the impact of your marketing budget.

Increase Audience Retention

Reduce churn and increase retention by focusing your messages to the right customers. Bring back first time attenders and encourage re-attendance. Audience Journey Segments are proven to give incredible results* when used as the basis for targeting.

Click here to read our case study with Richmond Theatre


The ultimate CRM tool

Audience Journeys provide the evidence to make informed decisions using quantitative data driven results. Your increased confidence in knowing how your customers behave will support decision making across the organisation.



You will receive:

  • Quarterly CSV file with customers tagged

  • Insight report on delivery

  • Balanced Database Audit of Customers

  • Balanced Database Event Report

  • Balanced Database Season Report

  • Balanced Database Training Session

* Please note all prices are exclusive of UK VAT.

Annual Licence

499 Seats


per month

999 Seats


per month

1,000+ Seats


per month
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