Audience Clusters

Segment your audience for relevant marketing

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Audience Clusters is the premiere arts segmentation tool

Audience Clusters is based on your box office data to reveal the natural clusters of events that your audience visits.

Segment your audience

Start making relevant communications to your customers by understanding their particular interests. Give impact to your emails by only contacting customers with relevant promotions. Increase your response rate and return on investment with segmentation integrated into your ticketing system. Reduce opt-out rates by ensuring your promotions are relevant.

Make Relevant Recommendations

Audience Clusters has proven that often, audiences don't necessarily attend the groups of events we would expect, and can often have similar tastes across genres. By understanding event clusters which your audience attend, you can promote the right show to the right customer.


Audiences form natural clusters

Purple Seven identifies customers with similar tastes and group them into distinct clusters. The Audience Cluster solution uses algorithms to group customers into segments with similar tastes. Where there is a large number of customers who attend the same group of shows, we identify this as a distinct audience.


You will receive:

  • Visual diagram of your unique audience clusters

  • Pen portraits of your segments, their tastes and booking behaviours

  • Spreadsheet of customer records coded with segments for importing into your ticketing system

* Please note all prices are exclusive of UK VAT.

Annual Licence

499 Seats


per month*

999 Seats


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1000+ Seats


per month*
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